Presentation of the artist

"Amateur" porcelain painter, she signs her works under the pen name 3Ma.

3Ma lives near Bordeaux, in the Southwest of France but she is native of the Limousin. She remains very attached to her birth region and to the Art professions which made its glory, in particular the china of Limoges.

The decoration of the china of Limoges is generally treated in a industrial way because it is a integral part of the process of manufacturing. So 3Ma underestimated for a long time the artistic possibilities offered by this luxurious material. To satisfy her thirst of creation, she thus used more conventional supports such as drawing paper or painting and, if other supports tempted her, her professional activity, very remote from the artistic domain, limited her explorations. And, in her eyes at least, her works were never succeeded.

But, in 2000, in a china store in Saint Léonard de Noblat, a medieval town situated in the core of the “Country of china”, 3Ma had a "magnificent revelation" (we take back here the comments of the artist) in the sight of magnificent porcelains hand painted. Immediately, she got in touch with the creative artist and participated to a training course of initiation, a short time later.

3Ma said more "I began my Journey there and left to the discovery of this technique of painting on glaze, a little bit particular, which mixes with happiness the fire, at once mysterious and mastered, the metallic precious or vulgar but always brilliant oxides after their sublimation, and the most precious of potteries, stemming from a matchless clay, the kaolin."

After this training course, alone in her atelier, 3Ma deepened her knowledge thanks to technical readings and by the experiment and began developing her own processes. The passion raises mountains, as it is said, and time which was lacking to the artist before, seems to her henceforth "expanding": she dedicates almost as much time to her  paint as to her professional activity which she exercises nevertheless full-time. And she ends all her works now.

The results did not wait: her productions succeed one another, varied and original both by the composition and by the tackled issues or by the exploration of various techniques. They deserve an "amateur" -in the etymological sense of the term- confirmed.

But judge by yourself by visiting her galleries …



petit poisson deviendra grand